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Q & A

How do I prepare for and participate in an auction?

In order to participate at the auction and qualify as a bidder, one must have the appropriate deposit as specified with him/her at the time and place of the auction. All deposits are to be shown to the auctioneer at the time and place of the auction. Deposits must be in the form of cash, certified check or bank check. The check should be made out to yourself.

Can I view a property prior to the auction?

Most of the time we do not have any access to the inside of the property. You are buying the property sight unseen most of the time. If the property is occupied it is “private property” and we do not have any legal access inside or out. It is up to the potential bidder to evaluate the property by doing his/her due diligence prior to bidding at the auction.

Can I get a deal at the auction?

We sure hope so! A well informed bidder is the best bidder. We encourage bidders to investigate the property and evaluate it prior to the auction. We see some pretty happy buyers sometimes when they feel they get a deal. Our job as auctioneers is to sell each property to someone other than the bank.

How do I register to bid at an auction?

Arrive at the auction site at least 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Bring with you the required deposit in cash, certified or bank cashiers check. Be prepared to give the auctioneer your contact information to register to bid. If you arrive early the auctioneer is on site and can assist you in the bidding process and how the auction works.

How do I know if an auction is actually going to take place?

Call the auctioneer’s office to check the status anytime during normal business hours for an update. After normal business hours we have an answer center on our phone that gives the next days schedule. We also update our website when changes occur.

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